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You have a deep appreciation for infiltration games, greenskins, and a passion for fantasy worlds, invisible planets, and video games


You’ve been a level 63 Boss in another life, have 2 years’ experience in a Lead position, participated in producing at least one AA game.


You’re highly skilled in necromancy and well-versed in 3D rendering engines, including industry-standard Unity and Unreal Engine 5.


Arcane mechanics hold no secrets for you, and you aspire to employ your skills in crafting portals to transport us to fantastical, new realms.

Our offers

Stage Testeur QA (F/H)
πŸ“ NanterreπŸ“ Stage (6 months)πŸ•‘ 2 May 2024
Stage Level Designer - Cyclisme (F/H)
πŸ“ NanterreπŸ“ Stage (6 months)πŸ•‘ 13 March 2024

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