Blood Bowl 3 | Season 2: Underworld Denizens

The Season 2 starts on September 21st with the Underworld Denizens

Ladies and gentlemen, Blood Bowl fans and thrill-seekers, brace yourselves for the Season 2 kick-off!

As we unveil the Underworld Denizens, get ready to embrace the madness, mayhem, and pure unpredictability that comes with this dynamic roster.


The Underworld Denizen Faction is a unique and unconventional choice, even by Blood Bowl standards, as it combines two of the most chaotic and unmanageable races: Skaven and Goblins!


The popular tabletop Faction is now ready to conquer your screen too!

New features available with Season 2

  • New faction : The Underworld Denizens
  • Swarming rule
  • Live and replay modes are finally available!
  • League management tools for admins are in their final testing phase
  • Post game sequence (expensive mistakes, too much spp and recruit journeymen
  • Daily offer in the shop
  • Free Warpstone every week
  • Colored circles for players
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