Blood Bowl 2 smashes Warhammer and American football together, in an explosive cocktail of turn-based strategy, humour and brutality, adapted from Games Workshop’s famous boardgame.
Release date: 22 Sep, 2015
Developer: Cyanide Studio
Publisher: NACON
Genres: Sport, Strategy, Turn by turn
Suivre Blood Bowl II

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The animations are visceral, and the buildup of suspense knowing that any hit could remove your player from the game, or remove him from existence, keeps you on edge.
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Blood Bowl 2 captures everything that makes the board game great and makes it available to those not willing to shell out a hundred dollars on miniatures. The passion the developers have for their game is clear to see, and the result proves that their love was not misplaced—it's easy to see that Blood Bowl 2 is one of the greatest board game translations ever.
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Blood Bowl 2 is a deceptively simple yet tactically deep turn-based sports game well worth your time. For maximum utility, avoid the campaign mode and join a league as soon as possible.

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