BB3 Season Finals – How to Qualify

The Official Blood Bowl 3 Ladder is in full swing, and we are thrilled to reveal more details about the competition planned on PC for the end of the season. As we announced with the launch of the Underworld Denizens, top PC players will have the chance to compete in a tournament after the end of Season 2.

There are different ways to qualify, all leading towards the Season Finals and the title of “1st Blood Bowl 3 champion”, along with 5,000$ cash prize and numerous other rewards.

The Season Finals, scheduled for early 2024, will be a 16-player double knock-out tournament. Only 2 players are guaranteed a spot in these finals: the rank 1 and the rank 2 of the Season 2 Official Ladder when it concludes.

To fill the 14 remaining seats, players will need to participate in a Play-In event starting right after the end of the season in December. This Play-In will host 56 players:

  • The players ranked 3rd to 28th of the Season 2 Official Ladder.
  • The top 2 coaches of each faction in the Season 2 Official Ladder, not within the top 28 of the general ranking.
  • The 2 finalists of the NAF satellite tournament organized by the community.

The 14 victorious players from the Play-In will join the Season Finals alongside the 2 players who had already qualified.

This detailed overview provides you with a glimpse of what it takes to reach the Season Finals. Stay tuned for more information about the rules, dates, Play-In format, as well as specifics about the teams qualified players can use in the Play-In and the Season Finals.

Season 2 is all about competition and is a condensed version of the circuit that will unfold over the next few years, involving community competitions as well as finals where the best players will compete for ultimate titles and rewards. While this first edition is only for PC players, we will integrate other platforms to the circuit once cross-play is made available. Get ready for an exhilarating journey in the world of Blood Bowl 3!

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