Blood Bowl 3 | Season 4 – The Wood Elves

Season 4 premieres with the Wood Elves stepping into the limelight as the Star of the Season!


Wood Elves teams are incredibly popular, as they’re known to put on an impressive show – they’re just as likely to (literally) dance circles around their rivals as they are to get smashed in (literally) spectacular fashion.


They play the game better than just about anyone else, and they look stunning while they’re at it.

New feature available with season 4

  • The Wood Elf faction join the roster!
  • Discover the new Custom Team feature.
  • 4 new starplayers: Gloriel Summerbloom, Jordel Freshbreeze, Curnoth Darkwold and Willow Rosebark
  • New Team Templatesfor every Factions.
  • Resurrection Mode is now available.
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