Blood Bowl 3 | Season 5 – Necromantic Horror

Discover the new faction for this new season: the Necromantic Horrors !

Slow but durable Zombies flesh out your lineup. Combined with a variety of specialised players to choose from, a savvy Necromancer can tailor the team to a variety of play styles. Ghouls and Werewolves bring speed, Wraiths are slippery, and Flesh Golems are strong and tough. And as the dead don’t rest easy, they’ll always be up for more, win or lose.

New feature available with the season 5

  • The Necromantic Horror join the game!
  • Crossplay is finally available Between PC, Playstation and XBox players.
  • Up to date with the latest Games Workshop Errata.
  • 2 new starplayers: Skrull Halfheight and Gretchen Wachter.
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