What to expect during pre-season

Competition, monetization, what to expect?

The pre-season kicks off with the launch of the game, and will last until the start of Season 1, in May 2023. During this time, the team will keep working hard to bring Blood Bowl 3 to the standard we all expect for the launch of the first competitive season.

With this in mind, we want to give you visibility on different topics and elements you can expect from the pre-season. We focus today on Competition and Customization, but multiple patches are planned to improve, add content, add features, and correct the issues you may encounter in-game.


The real kick-off of competitive play will come with the season 1, but allowing players to easily get into multiplayer matches to train and prepare has always been important to us.

This is the purpose of the Pre-season Quick Match you will find in-game. The system is quite like competitive matchmaking, with a background ranking system allowing the game to match you with an opponent of the same level. That being said, your performances will not impact your future rank, as the full ranking system will go live with Season 1.

For the most competitive among you, we are supporting initiatives to create community-based pre-season play-offs. More info on it soon!

In-game shop, customization and Warpstone

The in-game shop, including the first customization items, is already available but we will continue to update it throughout the pre-season period as we move towards season 1.

What is currently in-game is just a glimpse of the system we are creating.

During the pre-season, several features and content will be added. One of the most important is the system of experience. In an upcoming patch, a new system will be implemented that enables you to gain experience after matches, progressing your coach through the levels. At each level, you will unlock a reward. These include pitches, customization items and Warpstone for use in the in-game shop.
We realize that the customization system can feel a bit unrewarding at the moment, while this level system is not implemented. This is why we will start by granting free in-game currency, Warpstone, to every Blood Bowl 3 player that played during the early unlock to wait until this feature goes live.

Currently, there are Common customization items, as well as Legendary items for those who chose the Brutal Edition, available in the in-game shop. Legendary items are designed to stand out on the pitch and make your key players truly unique. A very limited number of Legendary items will be available each season in a separate part of the shop that also includes Uncommon and Epic items.

Here is a reminder of the player customization item prices:

Common: 75 Warpstone

Uncommon: 95 Warpstone

Epic: 250 Warpstone

Legendary: 750 Warpstone

While Common items are already accessible, Uncommon elements will be added throughout the pre-season, offering more unique customizations for your players.

The full customization system will be available in May to coincide with the launch of season 1. This will include the leveling system as well as the Blood Pass, which will be kicking off with season 1, and will offer additional ways to unlock new customization items, Warpstone, and the new season Faction.

Please remember: Customization is ONLY cosmetic and totally optional.

With this first communication, we hope to give you visibility on major systems before the official release. You can expect regular communication to keep transparency high and share our vision for Blood Bowl 3.

We also want to thank every player that played the game during the early unlock. Our servers got a bit surprised by the number, but everything should be back to normal soon. Your passion and your incredible support give us the energy to keep improving the game and to find solutions to challenges that may arise.

See you on the pitch!

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