New ranking system!

Hello everyone and welcome to our first devblog for Pro Cycling Manager 2023!

This year we have redesigned the season rankings with several goals in mind: return to a unified system, improve realism and make the page more user friendly.

Unified system

For many years, PCM has had a system with multiple rankings: division rankings, Superprestige rankings… Not all races awarded points to all rankings, and it wasn’t always easy to find your way around because of quite complicated rules.
In PCM23, there is now a single world ranking: all riders and all teams can be found in the same system, regardless of the race level at which they compete.
At the same time, the race categories have been updated with a scale that corresponds to what happens in real life.

Improving realism

Redesigning the ranking system raised a question about it. Should it be cumulative (points reset to zero every season) or rolling (points earned from a race are only replaced by points from the next edition of the same race)?
We chose the rolling system for individual and national rankings to align with what happens in real life. As for team rankings, they start at zero each season, which also mirrors real life.
Therefore, the game starts with pre-established rankings and more specifically with a certain Slovenian at the top as of 1 January 2023 who has already won the Tour de France twice. The exact points have been allocated to be as close to the real rankings as possible despite some races not being in the game calendar and not being able to be exactly the same.

The rankings will be updated periodically (each week) and the points are only added (and subtracted for the previous edition) after the update following the end of the race. For example, you won’t find the points of a rider who won the first stage of the Tour de France on the evening of the stage or even the following week.
The interface shows a detailed breakdown of a rider’s points.

New page

To highlight the rankings, the page has been completely redesigned. The three rankings (individual, team, national) are now visible on the same one page. A search filter has been added so you can easily find a rider, and you also have the option to directly view the cyclists of his team.
Finally, a little two-tone marker has been added to help you easily identify who belongs to which team.

Pro Cycling Manager 2023 will be available on 8 June 2023.

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