Chef Life

Chef Life | new DLC: Tokyo Delight

Cook 8 new recipes Add 8 iconic Japanese recipes to your menu, all of which can be upgraded up to 3 times. Prepare delicious ramen, tempura, gyoza and, of course, traditional sushi.   Use 24 new ingredients to prepare your dishes, including wasabi, soy sauce and miso, to offer new taste experiences to your customers. Chef Life | new DLC: Tokyo Delight

Chef Life | new free DLC: the Cooking Lab!

🍽️ Create your own dishes and stay late after service to hone your skills and let your creativity talk with the free Cooking Lab DLC, available now! 🎉   Along with this update comes numerous fixes and QoL updates; see full patch note here 👇… New features available NEW FEATURE: THE LABORATORY Create Chef Life | new free DLC: the Cooking Lab!

Chef Life is OUT NOW

Time to put your aprons on, Chef Life is out now! 🧑‍🍳 Customize your kitchen, dining room, plating, manage your team and stocks to become one of the best restaurants in town. Strive for excellency and you’ll even be rewarded a MICHELIN Star! ⭐

Chef Life | MICHELIN Trailer

Ever dreamt of obtaining a MICHELIN Star? ⭐ Make your wish come true in Chef Life!We’re happy to unveil our partnership with the world-renowned restaurant guide: MICHELIN! Start your restaurant, work on your menu and become the Chef you want to be! 👨‍🍳

Chef Life Commented Gameplay at Nacon Connect!

Hello chefs! It isn’t easy to be a great chef and restaurant manager… but with the right team, everything falls into place. Do you have what it takes to get the prestigious MICHELIN star?