BB3 Season Finals – How to Qualify

The Official Blood Bowl 3 Ladder is in full swing, and we are thrilled to reveal more details about the competition planned on PC for the end of the season. As we announced with the launch of the Underworld Denizens, top PC players will have the chance to compete in a tournament after the end BB3 Season Finals – How to Qualify

Blood Bowl 3 | Season 1 – The Lizardmen

Season 1 starts on June 22nd! Get ready for Blood Bowl 3 season 1 kick off on June 22nd! The new season introduce a new faction: The Lizardmen! These cold-blooded creatures are ready to take the field with their unique blend of strength and agility, making them a formidable opponent on the Blood Bowl pitch. Blood Bowl 3 | Season 1 – The Lizardmen

Devblog 3 – Game mode improvements

Hello and welcome to another TDF23 devblog! For this devblog, we won’t be focusing on just one area but rather on a range of changes made to enhance and streamline the experience when using the various game modes. So, let’s start right away with the Pro Team and Pro Leader modes. This year, our goal Devblog 3 – Game mode improvements

New ranking system!

Hello everyone and welcome to our first devblog for Pro Cycling Manager 2023! This year we have redesigned the season rankings with several goals in mind: return to a unified system, improve realism and make the page more user friendly. Unified system For many years, PCM has had a system with multiple rankings: division rankings, Superprestige New ranking system!

New ratings for riders

Hi everyone! In this first devblog for Tour de France 2023, we’ll take a look at rider ratings and two new mechanics introduced this year: Agility and Medium Mountain. AGILITY NOTE Agility is a new rating that replaces the Downhill rating. Based on a 5-tier scale (A+, A, B, C and D), it differentiates between riders while playing the New ratings for riders

Trailer Announcement!

Pro Cycling Manager is back, more immersive than ever! With  Pro Cycling Manager 2023, become the master of a professional cycling team and make crucial decisions to lead your team to victory. Choose from 80 teams and prepare to face the attacks of the best riders in the peloton in over 260 races and 700 Trailer Announcement!

What to expect during pre-season

Competition, monetization, what to expect? The pre-season kicks off with the launch of the game, and will last until the start of Season 1, in May 2023. During this time, the team will keep working hard to bring Blood Bowl 3 to the standard we all expect for the launch of the first competitive season. What to expect during pre-season

Chef Life is OUT NOW

Time to put your aprons on, Chef Life is out now! 🧑‍🍳 Customize your kitchen, dining room, plating, manage your team and stocks to become one of the best restaurants in town. Strive for excellency and you’ll even be rewarded a MICHELIN Star! ⭐

Chef Life | MICHELIN Trailer

Ever dreamt of obtaining a MICHELIN Star? ⭐ Make your wish come true in Chef Life!We’re happy to unveil our partnership with the world-renowned restaurant guide: MICHELIN! Start your restaurant, work on your menu and become the Chef you want to be! 👨‍🍳

Chef Life Commented Gameplay at Nacon Connect!

Hello chefs! It isn’t easy to be a great chef and restaurant manager… but with the right team, everything falls into place. Do you have what it takes to get the prestigious MICHELIN star?