Pro Cycling Manager 2022 – Now available!

Hello Managers, Today we’re proud to announce that Pro Cycling Manager 2022 is now available on Steam! Pro Cycling Manager 2022 offers a tasty mix of cycling sports simulation, management and real-time racing. Lead your teams to the top of the rankings in this new opus with many new features. From a more realistic rider generation system Pro Cycling Manager 2022 – Now available!

Feature Highlight – Generating and developing riders

Hello Managers, With the upcoming release (tomorrow!) of Pro Cycling Manager 2022, we would like to talk one last time about how riders are generated and developed. This year, our objective was to implement your feedback and adapt the game to modern cycling as much as possible. To do this, we have completely revamped the system Feature Highlight – Generating and developing riders

Feature Highlight – Scouting System

Greetings all, This year the objective was to start with a clean slate in terms of a system for creating and scouting new talent. In fact, we have completely revised two closely-linked game systems. We will of course be talking about their creation in an upcoming article, but for now let’s talk about scouting. Presentation Feature Highlight – Scouting System

Feature Highlight – Race Incidents

Hello riders, For some time now we have been thinking about how to manage falls and illnesses in Tour de France. Just as in real life, these are significant factors that can affect the outcome of the race. What racing fan did not feel disappointed when Thibaut Pinot was forced to withdraw due to injury Feature Highlight – Race Incidents

Tour de France 2022 – Stages List

Hello Riders, As the launch of Tour de France 2022 is getting closer we wanted to share with you the list of all 92 stages available this year. Be sure to read the caption (ex: MO for mountain) on the bottom right corner to know on what kind of stage you will be playing on. Additionally, in Tour de France 2022 – Stages List

Galeb Character Spotlight

Power, wealth, immortality, at one point or another, Galeb has had it all. He’s travelled the world, amassed a fortune, and established himself as one of the oldest and most feared Vampires in the city of Boston. And yet, he’s left wanting, grasping for something he’s lost. Or perhaps something that was never there to Galeb Character Spotlight

Emem Character Spotlight

Emem has a reputation, her clubs are a safe ground for any and all vampires. But exposure to different beliefs makes you wonder if you’ve made the right choices, especially as the Camarilla’s rules clamp down on you. Learn more about the lustrous Emem in her character spotlight. Emem is one of the 3 playable Emem Character Spotlight

Leysha Character Spotlight

Leysha is a seeress, with a reputation within the Boston court for being able to see the future. But the thing she’s trying to recall is her past. The years have not been kind to her but provided she has her daughter Halsey, then nothing can stop her. Learn more about Leysha in her character Leysha Character Spotlight

Nominate Rogue Lords for the Steam Awards!

Disciples, Many times the Devil has asked you for your support but there won’t be a greater time to earn his praise! Tonight, our team is thrilled (and a bit scared to be honest) to ask you to consider Rogue Lords for the Steam Award 2021 “Outstanding Visual Style” category, this would mean a lot Nominate Rogue Lords for the Steam Awards!

Rogue Lords Halloween Trailer

Check what the press has to say about the game! Dear Disciples, A month has passed since the launch of Rogue Lords, and we hope that you continue to enjoy your time in the New World sowing chaos and destruction in the name of the Devil! To celebrate not only the release but also the Rogue Lords Halloween Trailer