Rogue Lords Halloween Trailer

Check what the press has to say about the game!

Dear Disciples,

A month has passed since the launch of Rogue Lords, and we hope that you continue to enjoy your time in the New World sowing chaos and destruction in the name of the Devil!

To celebrate not only the release but also the spookiest time of the year, our team has worked on a new trailer highlighting a few quotes from the press from around the world.

If you haven’t replayed Rogue Lords due to difficulty or balancing issues since its launch, we can only recommend that you give another try now! Our latest Balancing Update has addressed a lot of balancing issues between enemies, disciples and relics.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated to see how we can improve the game’s experience in the future through additional patches!

On behalf of everyone at Nacon, Leikir & Cyanide Studios, we wish you a devil-ish Halloween (and hope that you will distribute or get a lot of candies.

The Rogue Lords team

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