6 tips to succeed in your first runs in Rogue Lords!

Hello Disciples,

As mentioned last week, in our Message from the Rogue Lords team, we wanted to share with you a few tips from our Development Team on how to overcome some of the challenges of Rogue Lords.

Note: This guide is available in English, French, German, Russian & Simplified Chinese in case you are not comfortable with this language.

TIP 1 – The Devil is the game’s main character. Make sure to use his powers!

All these actions might seem costly, but they are usually worth spending Diabolic Essence on. Use the Devil’s powers to:

  • Heal a vulnerable Disciple who is about to be on the receiving end of a single, powerful attack (spending 5 diabolic essence to avoid losing 30 is worth it).
  • Relocate the buff of an enemy that is causing you trouble (the buffs that enemies apply are designed to be stolen by the player!) or get rid of a debuff placed on one of your Disciples.
  • Create a portal on the world map to reach a useful activity, such as connecting two Grim Reapers to upgrade and quickly retrieve a skill, or to avoid a risky fight with an Elite enemy!
  • Try to guarantee success during story events to earn maximum attributes.
  • Lower the health/spiritual points of an enemy or Elite to finish them off when their bar has already been lowered.
  • Reroll a night’s secondary activity.

TIP 2 – Sowing Terror is crucial!

Focus on increasing your Terror gauge from the start of the game:

  • It helps you obtain relics.
  • It increases the rarity of skills offered as rewards from the Grim Reaper, fights and events.
  • It makes major advantages appear on the map. You can exploit these advantages to earn essential bonuses.

Remember that story events can also be a source of Terror!

TIP 3 – Obtain increasingly rare skills to massively increase your strength!

Skill upgrades between the various rarity levels are significant. To reach higher rarity levels:

  • Work towards getting “”three-of-a-kind””: when you have two of the same skills and obtain a third, you fuse them to create a new skill with the next level of rarity. In addition, when you increase the rarity of a skill, you obtain a second with the same rarity!
  • Regularly leave a skill with the Grim Reaper: you can even cheat on the world map to quickly return and regain the upgraded skill.
  • Augmentez votre Terreur rapidement.

TIP 4 – Think about protecting your Disciples!

There are many ways to reduce damage from enemies. Remember that:

  • You already start with attack/damage-based skills.
  • Obtaining and upgrading defensive skills is essential. If you don’t have any defensive skills, enemies will seem impossible to beat.

TIP 5 – Relics are very powerful: have as many as possible!

Never overlook relics during your runs. You can obtain them in multiple ways:

  • By moving up a notch in Terror
  • By winning a fight against an Elite
  • In certain events
  • From the Grim Reaper

TIP 6 – Don’t forget Sacrifices!

You can unlock a skill slot for one of your Disciples by sacrificing a skill at the Sacrificial Altar. Sacrifices are important because:

  • Unlocking additional skill slots is crucial if you want to defeat the stronger enemies.
  • More skills means more variety in team composition and fewer recharges needed during combat.

To use them to your advantage, try to plan ahead and decide which skill you don’t want and can afford to sacrifice. This skill will stop being offered to you during your run.

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