Become a sports director, take part in the world’s top cycling races and lead your riders to victory!
Set race objectives, negotiate contracts, find new sponsors and build your team season after season.
Release date: 6 juin 2024
Developer: Cyanide Studio
Publisher: NACON
Genres: Sport, Strategy, Simulation
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Pro Cycling Manager 2024 creates a complex mix of team management and race action that is designed to draw in cycling fans. The title features real names and likenesses for most riders and teams, which adds to the immersion. And races feel more exciting than in previous installments, although it can be harder for smaller teams to make an impact. It takes time and failure to figure out how to run a successful team. It is fun to discover what kind of sprint setups work best or the secret to mastering hilly finishes. But there are also moments when the game gets in its own way and makes players work harder than they should. Still, Pro Cycling Manager 2024 is a great way to rewrite cycling history in fun ways.

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