Are you ready to win the yellow jersey?

Fight for the yellow jersey in the official game of the Tour de France 2022. Experience the new online mode with weekly challenges and leaderboards. In Solo mode, you can now deal with incidents (injuries, illnesses) during the 92 stages available.
Release date: 9 Jun, 2022
Developer: Cyanide Studio
Publisher: NACON
Genres: Sport, Strategy, Simulation
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IGN Portugal
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If we divided a videogame by stages, we could say that Tour de France 2022 is the leader in almost every sector, but seriously slows down in the graphics sector. The tactical depth will please most fans of the sport, the variety of game modes is impressive and gameplay is responsive, with a refined AI. It stumbles when it comes to visuals, which stops from being a true feat within such a niche genre.
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Tour de France 2022 is a challenging and strategic sports title. With plenty of modes to choose from, and difficult races to complete, this will test you. If you can overlook the dated imagery and the unfortunately repetitive audio, you'll experience a great title.

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